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Oh Hey There!

Let me take a minute to introduce myself. 

My name is Shaleen Hauck, craft hairstylist, successful salon owner, Top Chef wannabe, wine enthusiast and overall business babe supporter. I believe that every stylist deserves the freedom, satisfaction & confidence that comes from creating a kick-ass career.

As a kid, you could regularly catch me giving my Barbie an impromptu haircut, followed by me marching to my next appointment with my Dad’s tattered briefcase in tow. I always knew I wanted to not only create beautiful hair, but that I wanted to be able to call the shots when it came to building my business. 


I’ve made the leap from employee to boss, renter to owner, and have even figured out how to stay successful while overcoming a distaterous injury that kept me off the floor for way too long (Side note, always spring for travler’s insurance!). During that time, I devoted myself to any and all forms of professional development. I was able to focus in & redefine what success meant to me...and then lay out  the road map on how to get there!


A stylist’s success is made up of two parts:

1) Your guests’ experience.

2) Learning to treat your time behind the chair more like a high caliber business, rather than a passion project.

You empower your clients everyday. Let me help empower you with tips from my time in technical training with companies like CHI, Unite, Schwarzkopf, Joico and Tigi. Let me share insights with you from my time with heavy-hitting industry mentors like Dawn Bradley, Paramount Business (Unite) with Andrew Dale and Inspiring Leaders with James Morrison (TIGI).

Your success won’t always come easily, but your success is ALWAYS a possibility.

I’d love to help you get there!


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